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Three on a Match: Exploring Psychometry Beyond the Stage

The world of mentalism is filled with intrigue, mystery, and mind-bending feats. Among its many captivating routines, psychometry stands out as a powerful demonstration of psychic abilities. In this special workshop, the “psychometry brothers”—Nestor Dee, Yitzhak Schlomi, and Terry Tyson—invite you to delve into the secrets of this ancient practice.

The Origin of Psychometry

Psychometry traces its roots back centuries, intertwining with esoteric traditions and mystical beliefs. Theodore Anneman, a renowned mentalist, popularized psychometry as a stage presentation. However, its history extends far beyond the spotlight, reaching into the realms of intuition, energy, and connection.

Workshop Highlights

  1. The Basics of Psychometry:

  • Learn how psychometry works and discover its fundamental principles.

  • Explore the art of handling objects to tap into their hidden energies.

  • Understand the role of intuition and sensory perception.

  1. Taking Psychometry Further:

  • Beyond the stage, psychometry has practical applications. We’ll discuss how to use it in everyday life.

  • Discover techniques for connecting with objects and people on a deeper level.

  • Explore variations of psychometry for different audiences, from skeptics to believers.

  1. Alternative Presentation Venues:

  • Psychometry isn’t limited to traditional performances. We’ll explore unconventional settings where it can shine.

  • Consider corporate events, private gatherings, and even virtual platforms.

  • Adapt your presentation style to suit the context.

Why Attend?

This workshop offers a unique opportunity—an in-person deep dive into psychometry. Whether you’re an aspiring mentalist, a curious skeptic, or someone seeking personal growth, this event promises valuable insights. Don’t miss out on this chance to explore the mysteries of psychometry and expand your understanding of the mind’s hidden capacities.

Feel free to share this blog post with fellow magic enthusiasts and curious minds. Let the magic unfold! ✨🔮🌟


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