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Raffles & Silent Auction

We are excited to announce our upcoming raffles and silent auction, featuring a variety of original works and antique and collectable materials of magic. Don't miss your chance to take a piece of magical history.

Last season we had a silent auction for the highly sought after, original sketch (pictured below) of the Carlyle Grip. Our lucky bidder walked away with a piece of magic history that is unparalleled. Carlyle created the secret method for holding seance for the Magic Castle. This secret is closely hidden to this day.


We are excited to announce that nearly all of our vendors will be contributing a highly valuable item into the raffles. In addition, Andrew de Ruiter will be providing custom creations and one-of-a-kind items that you won't find anywhere else. Stay tuned for photos of these amazing items, and don't miss your chance to win big!!!!!

Competition & Award

The Traveler’s Tchotchke Award, a prestigious honor bestowed upon magicians who wield their craft with elegance, resourcefulness, and above all, the power of storytelling.

The Traveler’s Tchotchke Award: Where Simplicity Meets Sorcery

Unveiling the Magic

The Magistrorum Convention, a gathering of mystical minds and conjurers extraordinaire, has introduced a novel accolade—the Traveler’s Tchotchke Award. This coveted prize celebrates the fusion of two essential elements in magic: simplicity of props and the art of storytelling. Let us explore the essence of this remarkable award:

The Simplest Props, The Deepest Magic

1. Less Is More

In an age where elaborate illusions and grand apparatuses dominate the stage, the Traveler’s Tchotchke Award takes a different path. It honors magicians who create wonder using the humblest of tools—a deck of cards, a silk handkerchief, a single coin. These performers prove that magic resides not in complexity, but in the mastery of the ordinary.

2. Elegance in Simplicity

Picture a magician who, armed with a single matchstick, transforms it into a blazing inferno. Or one who conjures a rose from thin air, its petals unfolding with grace. These acts, seemingly unassuming, hold the audience spellbound. The Traveler’s Tchotchke Award recognizes such elegance—the ability to extract magic from simplicity.

The Power of Storytelling

1. Whispers of Mystery

Every trick, every illusion, carries a tale. The magician becomes a bard, weaving narratives that transcend the mundane. The Traveler’s Tchotchke Award seeks performers who infuse their acts with intrigue, leaving spectators pondering long after the curtain falls. These are not mere tricks; they are whispered secrets, shared across the veil of reality.

2. Stand-Alone Enchantment

The chosen stories are those that need no preamble, no elaborate setup. They stand alone, like ancient fables or forgotten spells. Imagine a magician who unfolds a yellowed map, guiding the audience through a lost city. Or another who reveals a locket, containing memories of love and loss. These tales captivate, even without the flourish of rabbits from hats or levitating assistants.

The Quest for the Traveler’s Tchotchke

Magicians vying for this award embark on a quest akin to a mystical pilgrimage. They seek inspiration in flea markets, dusty attics, and curio shops. Their props are not mere tools; they are artifacts imbued with whispers of forgotten enchantments. And when they step onto the stage, they carry with them the weight of centuries—the magic of simplicity and the allure of stories.


So, fellow magicians, as the Magistrorum Convention approaches, prepare your humble props and polish your tales. The Traveler’s Tchotchke Award awaits those who can turn a pebble into a gem, a whisper into a tempest. May your magic be as timeless as the stars, and may your stories echo through eternity.

“In the quiet corners of existence, where the mundane meets the mystical, there lies the true magic—the kind that fits in a pocket, yet fills the universe.”

The Travelers Trophy is named in honor of our brother & friend in magick Lary Kuehn, aka T. Everett Bookings, III, aka, The Traveler.

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