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Magistrorum is a Latin word that translates to “of the teachers” or “of the masters.” It is often used in educational contexts to refer to a group of teachers, scholars, or experts. In ancient Rome, magistrorum would denote those who held positions of authority or expertise in various fields. The term carries a sense of respect and recognition for their knowledge and contributions. 📚🌟 Additionally, it refers to professors teaching the ancient artform of magic. Pronounce : (Magie-Strrro-rrrrum).

Magistrorum Convention 2023 Photos: 


1 / Where can I find up to date info on the convention?
  • Join our email list.
  • Join our Bizarre & Mentalism Magic Group on FB.
  • Every Tuesday we have a Zoom program that talks everything about magic and Magistrorum Convention.
2 / Where and when is Magistrorum?
  • September, Thursday the 19th through Sunday the 22nd 2024.
  • Marriott Hotel. 223 W Las Colinas Blvd, Irving, TX 75039.
3 / What safty precautions are at Magistrorum?
  • Magistrorum will follow the public health policies set by the State of Texas, Las Colinas County, and The Marriott Hotel.
4 / Are there assigned seating Magistrorum?
  • There are many performing areas at Magistrorum. 
  • Curently, we have no assigned seating.
5 / What should I do if I require special assistance?
We aim to make Magistrorum as enjoyable as possible for all attendees. If you have any special needs, please contact us.
  • Magistrorum on Discord
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  • Magistrorum on Facebook
  • Andrew deRuiter on LinkedIn
  • Magistrorum on YouTube
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