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What 2 Expect

Magistrorum is a Latin word that translates to “of the teachers” or “of the masters.” It is often used in educational contexts to refer to a group of teachers, scholars, or experts. In ancient Rome, magistrorum would denote those who held positions of authority or expertise in various fields. The term carries a sense of respect and recognition for their knowledge and contributions. 📚🌟 Additionally, it refers to professors teaching the ancient artform of magic. Pronounce : (Magie-Strrro-rrrrum).


Last year (2023), our first year, our attendance was around 75 people. Every year we are growing little by little as magicians find our unique gatherings are more fun and educational than the average magic convention. Here are some images from last year, 2023:

Magistrorum Convention 2023 Photos: 

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