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Unveiling the Enchantment:

The Unforgettable Magistrorum Convention Goodie Bag!

The anticipation is building, and excitement is in the air as the prestigious Magistrorum Convention draws near. Magic enthusiasts, spellcasters, and arcane afficionados from all corners of the realm are counting down the days until they can gather and immerse themselves in the world of mystique, wonder, and enchantment. And what better way to mark this momentous occasion than with an extraordinary goodie bag that's as magical as the convention itself?

Prepare to be bewitched and beguiled by the treasures nestled within the Magistrorum Convention's goodie bag. This carefully curated collection of highly collectible items promises to enhance your convention experience and leave you with lasting memories of your journey into the realm of the arcane.

1. Limited Edition Magic Effects: Step into the shoes of a true magician with a set of limited-edition magic effects specially created for the Magistrorum Convention. These intricately designed tricks will not only mesmerize your audience but also serve as a cherished reminder of your participation in this enchanted event. Lary Kuehn provided the diplomas. Andrew de Ruiter has included his Medium's Rope effect to be explained at the convention. The remaining items remain a mystery (see teaser photo).

2. Official Magistrorum Convention Guidebook: Your journey through the convention's mystical offerings will be guided by none other than the Official Magistrorum Convention Guidebook. More than just a map of the event, this guidebook is a meticulously crafted grimoire of knowledge, leading you through each magik effect, each presentation, and vendors / exhibition. With insights from seasoned magicians and experts, this guidebook will be your key to unlocking the secrets of the arcane arts.

So, dear attendees, prepare to be enchanted and delighted by the treasures that await you in the Magistrorum Convention goodie bag. Your journey into the realm of magic and mystery is about to begin, and these collectible items will be your companions, reminding you of the moments of wonder and awe that define this extraordinary event. Here's your sneak peek inside the goodie bag:

items found in the Magistrorum Convention Bag
Magistrorum Convention Goodie Bag

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