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A Stroke of Generosity: A One-of-a-Kind Drawing at the Silent Auction!

Unveiling a Unique Artistic Gem, Elevating the Convention Round Table Experience!

In the heart of anticipation and camaraderie, Magistrorum Convention brings together enthusiasts, professionals, and creatives from diverse performance fields under one roof. These gatherings often pulse with an air of excitement, innovation, and a shared passion that binds attendees. Amidst the symphony of conversations and shared interests, conventions often hold a treasure trove of surprises, with one particular event casting a spotlight on the fusion of art and altruism—the silent auction. This year, a remarkable donation is poised to steal the show, a one-of-a-kind drawing signed by a distinguished artist. A Meeting of Creative and Charitable Spirits Scott Davis' decision to donate this exceptional piece speaks volumes about the union of creativity and generosity. In a world where each creation is an extension of the artist's soul, this act of giving adds another layer of depth to the artwork. It's a profound connection—an artist's expression merging with the cause the convention supports. Such a donations to silent auctions infuse a unique blend of purpose into the event. Beyond celebrating shared interests, attendees become part of something larger: a collective effort to make a difference. The drawing shows Caryle posing for his Medium's Grip book that is also a DVD. The book/DVD is highly sought after for seance enthusiasts. The cover to both are of this one-of-a-kind drawing. The Hushed Excitement of the Silent Auction Keeping this secret will be your chance to own a part of history that no one else will have. The more people that know of this the less competitors you'll have to bid. You must be at the convention to bid and you must be at the Seance reunion to bid. It's the perfect compliment to bizarre magic. Rarely will an item be available to the magic fraternity. Auctioning Dreams, Sharing Hope A Stroke of Gratitude As attendees engage in the bidding, they celebrate the artist's talent, the convention's objectives, and their own role as patrons of positive change. When the gavel falls and the highest bidder emerges, they don't just claim a drawing; they become part of a story much larger than themselves. Thank you Scott Davis for this silent Auction item!

Continuing The Grand News!

The Magistrorum Convention will hold it's first unboxing at the request of Scott Davis! He has a box that has not been opened since the 70's and the assumption is that there are rare books and collectables inside it. It remains sealed and will be opened just before the start of Magisitrorum Convention! This will be streamed! So make sure your reading out Facebook posts!

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