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The Magic Eye for Mentalism & Magic 

1. The “Magic Eye” Illusion 

The “Magic Eye” illusion is a classic example of 3D stereograms. These images appear as chaotic patterns or random dots at first glance. However, when you relax your eyes and look beyond the surface, a hidden 3D image emerges. Let’s use some examples (there are videos on YouTube explaining both how to use them and why they work). 


This first image is for the card sharks out there. 

If you see some sharks swimming around then the illusion works for you! If you do not, refer to YouTube for more detailed instructions. 

The idea is to use this wonderful illusion as a prediction...knowing that not everyone will be able to see it.  

To create a prediction effect: 

  1. Prepare a Poster: Design a poster with seemingly random patterns or words. 

  1. Hidden Message: Embed a secret message or prediction within the chaos. 

  1. Presentation: Show the poster to your audience and encourage them to relax their gaze. As they cross their eyes or look past the poster, the hidden message will reveal itself. Imagine their astonishment when they see the words forming before their eyes! 



Multiple Images that change: 

The following image show small round dots of various colors. Relax your eyes and look past your screen. You will see a perpendicular line. Look away at a wall for a second and then look back at the screen. This time you will see 2 lines. Lastly, look away and back again and you will see 3! This is not an animated gif or video, it's a static image, it is not moving or changing in any way. Print it out and try it. 



I consider this image a breakthrough in 3D illusions. With further testing and research, you could have 3 volunteers seeing different objects on the same poster. 


“The Hidden Message” Routine for small group

  • “Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you a mysterious poster. Relax your eyes, let go of the ordinary, and peer into the depths of this chaos. As you do, a message will emerge—a prediction that transcends the mundane. Watch closely…” 

  • Reveal the hidden words or symbols, leaving your audience in aw 




Now the more cunning performer will have posters in the lobby and make a mental note of who can see the hidden images. During the show, use only those people with the following image to send them a secret message or instructions. 




[Script for the dramatic magical performer] 

“The Hidden Message” Routine: A Journey Beyond Reality 

Lights dim, anticipation fills the room. The audience leans forward, curious. 


Magician (center stage, voice echoing): “Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to a realm where perception bends, and reality dances with illusion. Behold this enigmatic poster—a canvas of chaos and hidden secrets. But fear not; for within this chaos lies a revelation—a prediction that transcends the mundane. Prepare to witness the extraordinary.” 


[The Mysterious Poster] 

The spotlight illuminates a large poster, its surface a tapestry of cryptic symbols, swirling lines, and fragmented words. The audience squints, trying to make sense of the chaos. 


Magician (softly): After inviting up a few members, “Relax your eyes, my friends. Let go of the ordinary. Imagine you’re gazing through the veil of reality itself. Beyond the ink and paper, there lies a hidden dimension—a place where words merge and meaning emerges.” 


[The Audience Gazes] 

The audience follows the instruction, their eyes adjusting. The poster blurs, and suddenly, the chaos transforms. 


Magician (whispers): “Watch closely. As you peer into the depths, allow your mind to wander. The mundane dissolves, and the extraordinary takes shape.” 


[The Hidden Message Revealed] 

Words emerge from the chaos, floating like apparitions. The volunteers gasp. 


Magician (with reverence): “Fantastic illusionism is our vessel—a singular form of art. It weaves conjunctures of objects, stories, and effects. Within its brushstrokes, magic pulses—the possibility of existence itself.” 


[The Words Form a Sentence] 

“The forgotten key unlocks the door to tomorrow.” 


Magician (voice echoing): “Did you see it? The key—the bridge between worlds. A prophecy whispered by the universe. And now, my friends, I reveal the mundane transformed—the hidden message.” 


[The Key Appears] 

A golden key materializes, hanging in mid-air. The audience gasps. 


Magician (softly): “Take this key with you. Seek the door it opens—the one that leads beyond reality. For illusionism isn’t mere trickery; it’s a story, it’s a journey—an intermedial laboratory where we explore the edges of existence.” 


[The Key Vanishes] 

The key dissolves, leaving an echo of wonder. 

Magician (with intensity): “Classical illusionism, fantastic literature—they’re threads in the same cosmic tapestry. And tonight, we confront in opacity—the veil that shrouds truth. Excommunication awaits those who dare to glimpse beyond.” 


Magician (whispers, fading into the shadows): “Remember the key. Seek the door. And may your journey be as boundless as the illusions we weave.” 

Join the Magistrorum Convention for more creative ideas!

-Andrew deRuiter



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