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Andrew deRuiter's Top 20 Tips for Becoming a Bizarre Magician

Here are my favorite top 20 tips to help you on your journey to becoming a bizarre magician:

  1. Study the Greats: Learn from the works of magicians like Eugene Burger, Tony Andruzzi, and Jeff McBride.

  2. Understand the History: Delve into the history of magic and bizarre magick to understand its roots and evolution. Join in my Facebook group Bizarre & Mentalism Magic for our links to the Tuesday zoom meetings. Once there, you can learn the history from the pros!

  3. Create an Atmosphere: Use music, lighting, and props to create an immersive experience.

  4. Develop a Character: Craft a unique persona that resonates with the themes of bizarre magick.

  5. Script Your Performances: Write detailed scripts that weave a narrative around your tricks.

  6. Master Storytelling: Engage your audience with compelling stories that enhance the magic.

  7. Use Symbolism: Incorporate meaningful symbols into your routines to add depth.

  8. Learn Sleight of Hand: Perfect your technical skills to perform seamlessly.

  9. Incorporate Mentalism: Blend mentalism into your acts for a psychological edge.

  10. Utilize Props: Choose props that complement the mysterious nature of your performance.

  11. Practice Misdirection: Hone the art of misdirection to keep your audience intrigued.

  12. Embrace the Bizarre: Don’t shy away from the strange and unusual; it’s your unique selling point.

  13. Connect with Your Audience: Build a rapport with your spectators to make the experience more personal.

  14. Study Other Art Forms: Gain inspiration from literature, art, and theater.

  15. Attend Workshops: Participate in workshops to learn new techniques and network with other magicians.

  16. Join Magic Societies: Become a member of hidden magic clubs (as well as regular magic clubs) and societies to exchange ideas. Attend the Magistrorum Convention to socialize with other bizarre performers!

  17. Perform Regularly: Practice your craft in front of live audiences to gain confidence.

  18. Seek Feedback: Listen to your audience’s reactions and adjust your performance accordingly.

  19. Stay Updated: Keep up with the latest trends and innovations in the magic community.

  20. Be Original: Create your own tricks and routines to stand out in the world of magic.

Remember, bizarre magick is as much about the performance and storytelling as it is about the tricks.

Your goal is to leave your audience with a sense of wonder and a memorable experience that blurs the lines between reality and the supernatural.

Join the Magistrorum Facebook group for convention dates & times.

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