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Magistrorum Convention
The Largest Bizarre & Mentalism Convention In Texas!

MagistroruM is a bizarre magic & Mentalism convention & is open to all students of the mystical arts.
Excipe omnes mentes curiosas vivos et mortuos

MagistroruM is an exciting and unique event that celebrates the art of magic, mentalism and bizarre magic. Since its inception, the convention has been an incredible success. Magistrorum brings together some of the world’s most renowned and talented magicians, mentalists and bizarre performers in one amazing space.This year, the convention will be taking place from September 7th through the 10th and will feature a variety of events, workshops and shows. If you’re looking for a truly magical experience, then Magistrorum is the event for you!

Latest update 3/22/23

Next Door Restaurants



We offer exciting events and activities for everyone, including a chance to win fantastic prizes by buying raffle tickets on sight. We will be raffling away these items on both Friday and Saturday evenings, and you must be present to win!

Booklet & Extras

Welcome to MagistroruM, the ultimate convention experience! Skeleton Key had designed special t-shirts and you can purchase them on site. Plus, you'll receive a free convention booklet filled with interesting stories and activities - making your convention experience even more enjoyable.


MagistroruM is a convention for all ages and levels of experience in the world of magic. We strive to create a safe, inclusive space for everyone to come together and share their love of the craft. At our convention, you can take part in seminars and workshops led by seasoned professionals or join in on lively debates with other aficionados. In addition, DIYs will be running daily showing you how to create authentic props and magic. We look forward to seeing you at MagistroruM!


Lary Kuehn

Geofferey Llewys

Ritchy Flo

Jerry Blankenship

Michael Henry


Murder Mystery

 Deviant Magik will be hosting the first ever murder mystery game that will run secretly throughout the convention ending Sunday, so don't miss the chance to unravel the mystery and be crowned the detective champion!

MagistroruM is the perfect destination for people who want to explore their interests and curiosities. With your registration, attendees have access to all events including full evening shows, the professional lectures, and dealer's room admittance. Significant others will always be free, so you can bring your plus one and enjoy the experience with them. Join us at MagistroruM for an unforgettable experience!

MagistroruM is an exciting convention experience, featuring a diverse array of performers, lecturers, and an agenda that has something for everyone. With times and schedule that allows attendees to get the most out of the event, MagistroruM is an unforgettable experience! Learn more about the projects and see what MagistroruM has to offer.