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The Magician’s Blueprint: Crafting Characters with Mystical Flair

Creating a character that can perform magic or mentalism is a fascinating process. Here’s an checklist to guide you through creating such a character:


  • Understanding the Art of Magic and Mentalism

  • The Importance of Character Backstory

  • Balancing Reality and Fantasy

Section 1: Character Foundation

  • Checklist:

  • Define the character’s name and alias.

  • Choose the character’s age, gender, and appearance.

  • Decide on the character’s cultural background and language(s) spoken.

Section 2: Magical Abilities

  • Checklist:

  • Determine the type of magic (e.g., elemental, illusion, enchantment).

  • Establish the source of power (e.g., innate ability, learned skill, magical artifact).

  • Set limits and costs of using magic to maintain balance.

Section 3: Mentalism Skills

  • Checklist:

  • Select the mentalism techniques (e.g., mind reading, hypnosis, precognition).

  • Define the range and accuracy of mentalism abilities.

  • Decide how the character developed these skills.

Section 4: Personality and Motivation

  • Checklist:

  • Outline the character’s personality traits.

  • Identify the character’s goals and fears.

  • Describe the character’s moral compass and ethics.

Section 5: Backstory and Development

  • Checklist:

  • Create a compelling backstory that explains the character’s abilities.

  • Develop a character arc showing growth and change.

  • Plan key events that test the character’s abilities and resolve.

Section 6: Interaction with the World

  • Checklist:

  • Map out the character’s role in society (e.g., hero, outcast, mentor).

  • Define the character’s allies and adversaries.

  • Craft the character’s signature style of performing magic and mentalism.

Section 7: Visual Design and Props

  • Checklist:

  • Design the character’s costume and appearance.

  • Select props and tools used in performances.

  • Visualize the character’s signature effects and illusions.


  • Bringing Your Character to Life

  • Continuous Development and Storytelling

  • Sharing Your Character with the World

This workbook serves as a comprehensive guide to creating a well-rounded character with magical and mentalist abilities. Each section provides a checklist to ensure you cover all aspects of character creation. Enjoy the process of bringing your mystical character to life!

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