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Best live shows in Texas

At Magistrorum, we strive to provide our audience with extraordinary experiences. Our performers are experts in mentalism and magic, and will entertain you with their captivating acts. Our shows are filled with a mix of magic, stories and thought-provoking themes. Not only will our audience be captivated by the performances, but they will also be left with an unforgettable experience.

Friday Night Gala Line-Up

EVENING GALA SHOWS OPEN TO THE PUBLIC: TICKETS - (included in general admission to convention, wear your lanyards!)

Vince Johari & Carlos David- 9:00PM-9:30PM - Vince Johari is a ghost hunter and magician, but most importantly a paranormalist who loves the strange and bizarre.  Carlos David is a magician, consultant, and an experienced haunted history tour guide.  Their shared fascination with the paranormal and bizarre inspired them to create the 3 Fox Sisters Theater Productions, producing paranormal themed magic shows.  Together they will present a lecture on the ins and outs of their take on remote viewing. They will focus on two versions; a realistic and ungimmicked method, as well as one using magic effects to create a show version for parlor or stage.  In addition, they will perform a version of the Q&A segment of their highly rated show Johari’s Window: A Psychic Comedy Show, which ran for several years at the 3 Fox Sisters Theater in Eureka Springs, AR.


Chris Hestor - 9:45PM-10:15PM - Spooky Magic -Chris Hestor’s haunted magic is unique and an unforgettable experience. Here, you will witness a serious professional magician performing theatrical magic, as well as stage storytelling with a haunted theme. Come join us in this highly anticipated magical journey based on real historic events.

Ritchy Flo -10:30PM-11PM - Ritchy Flo has been in love with magic for as long as he can remember. Since a kid learning from Marshall Brodien to growing up and performing all over the United States performing his close up magic or Stage shows. When he was asked “Why do you perform magic?” He replied, because “Magic Can be Fun”!

Doors close 11pm

Saturday SOLD OUT!


Doors open 8am Wear your wristbands!

EVENING GALA SHOWS OPEN TO THE PUBLIC: TICKETS - (included in general admission to convention)

Paul Prater - Performance - 7:30PM - 8:30PM 

In this special show, Paul Prater will tell the tales of long forgotten souls. By telling their stories we can reconnect with the past and the keep the dead alive, in a manner of speaking. Paul will not only share stories, but old artifacts and even some of the tools used by the mediums of yesteryear in their attempts to contact the dead. 


This is a piece of interactive theater, where audience members help create the show, making each show unique and different. The audience size is kept small so that everyone takes part. This is not a sit back and watch show, but one in which all resent will take part. 


This is a show that is not for the faint of heart. 


Small break Raffles 8:40PM Must be present to win!

Paul Draper - Performance 

For seven years, Paul Draper was the house magician for the Venetian Resort in Las Vegas, regularly performing for dignitaries and high rollers. Recently, he has had the honor of serving as an official magician for Disneyland. During the COVID-19 pandemic, Draper was a pioneer in presenting virtual magic shows and lectures, presenting thousands of shows over live streaming platforms for audiences ranging from fifteen participants to fifteen thousand participants per appearance.

                  On television he has appeared on every major network, including regular appearances on History, Discovery, A&E, HBO, HGTV, and Hallmark, and he has been featured in Psychology Today, Broadway World, and the Los Angeles Times.

                  As an applied anthropologist, he regularly consults with and advises Fortune 100 companies and the top one hundred healthcare organizations in the United States on topics related to corporate culture, employee engagement, intercultural communication, leadership, and positive psychology.

                 Draper is a member of the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Committee for the Magic Castle in Hollywood, USA and for the EDI Council for the Magic Circle in London, England, as well as serving on the Board of the Inclusion Center in Salt Lake City, Utah. Since 2017, he has written a monthly column titled “On Second Thought…” for the international trade magazine of the Society of American Magicians, in which he explores creative thinking and new perspectives for performance mentalism.

                  In 2022 and 2023, Paul Draper has taught anthropology-focused magic courses, core curriculum intercultural philosophy courses, and research methodology courses as a Distinguished Lecturer and Adjunct Professor at Soka University in California while concurrently teaching live virtual core creativity courses for Thomas Jefferson University in Pennsylvania. Draper has also served as an instructor at the University of Nevada Las Vegas and been a guest lecturer at USC, UCLA, and Tulane, as well as a master lecturer at Yale.

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All gala shows begin at 7 or 7:30pm.

Every show has different performers.


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